14 Best Shows On Philo To Watch Right Now

Philo is a streaming platform that is getting famous for amazing binge-worthy shows. If you have been looking for the best shows on Philo then we have got you covered. The streaming platform has multiple types of genres for the spectators. There are various shows to choose from to pass your time. But there are the best ones that stand out. We have compiled a rundown of 14 shows that you can watch on Philo right now.

We did our best to include multiple genres to make it easier for you to choose from. Even the spectators of the shows dropped incredible feedback. Now that’s another reason to watch these shows. Philo offers a lot of options to us to have the best time possible. Now hop on your favorite spot on the couch & get ready with munchkins.

Best-Shows To Watch On Philo

14 Best Shows On Philo in 2023

Philo has a great collection of the best shows that will brighten up your binge-watching time. The storyline of these shows will keep you engaged. You will probably watch seasons in no time because of curiosity.

1. Sherlock

When we found out that ‘Sherlock’ is available to stream on Philo we couldn’t wait to mention it. Sherlock is one of the best shows to watch on Philo. The story revolves around the mastermind genius Sherlock Holmes. Dr Watson is a former soldier and he is a roommate of the mysterious Sherlock in the series. Sherlock just like any other thing is drawn to mysterious cases.

But this time he partnered up with Watson and they are out to get the most unusual cases. This brilliant crime series is thrilling and spectacular. If you love watching crime and solving cases types of show then Sherlock is the one for you. Once you start watching the series you will be thrilled and will love the show’s brilliance, storyline, characters, mysteries, and more.


A lot of spectators also loved how Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed Sherlock Holmes in the best way. This mystery crime drama has also been praised for its dramatic writing, impressive acting, and more. Sherlock has also been nominated for multiple accolades like Emmys, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs. At one time, Sherlock won three catering at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Seeing Sherlock becoming a celebrity in the show and the press being intrigued by his cases is also amazing to watch. Sherlock also describes himself as a ‘high-functioning sociopath’.

2. Yellowstone

If you haven’t watched Yellowstone then you are probably missing out on one of the best shows on Philo. Yellowstone is a masterpiece itself. From the characters to the storytelling everything about Yellowstone is depicted perfectly. Yellowstone follows the engaging story and dispute of Yellowstone Ranch, the Broken Rock Indian reservation, Yellowstone National Park, a large cattle ranch, and land developers.

The Dutton family are the owners of the largest ranch in Montana. It’s the Yellowstone Dutton ranch that’s widely known as ‘The Yellowstone’. The whole story revolves around the family, their conflicts, and everything. The scenery and ranch in the series also caught the attention of the spectators. It’s beautiful. Kevin Costner has been widely credited for his appearance in the series. The writing and acting of the characters are also spectacular and worth mentioning.


Yellowstone will give you the adrenaline rush. The characters in the series are so unique and amazing in their way. In the beginning, it might be a task to understand why some characters are acting in such a way. But as the show progresses everything is understandable. You will be hooked on this series. It didn’t only win awards but the hearts of its audience.

3. The Walking Dead

We can say this multiple times that ‘The Walking Dead’ is the most thrilling show that you could ever get to watch. It’s not a typical zombie apocalypse show. The characters and their bond makes it stand out. It follows the story of Rick Grimes that wakes up from a coma after being shot just to discover that the world has been filled with the undead. There’s a zombie apocalypse with various survivors fighting for their lives.

But little do they know zombies aren’t the only ones they have to fight with. It’s the people that are making survival tough. There are different groups and tough choices to make. Rick Grimes is the leader of a group and fights for the survival of his people. But when there is a word friendship there is also a word betrayal. People in the apocalypse can’t be trusted because everyone wants to survive.

The Walking Dead

The shortage of food, wounded loved ones, betrayals and more makes this series so interesting. Every season has something different and more challenges to overcome. Everyone meets someone new who is also surviving like them. Everyone’s in for their benefit in The Walking Dead. The character development from the first season to the mid-season is worth your time. The lingering threat of walkers is also terrifying.

4. Line Of Duty

Line Of Duty is a British procedural drama series. The story revolves around DS Steve Arnot’s journey and his attempt to try the right in this corrupt world. Steve denies covering up an unlawful shooting by his team. He then decides to join another unit that’s dedicated to wiping out the corruption within the police and wants to do right. There are high powers, corrupt officers, deadly secrets, and more in the series.

Throughout the series, they solve cases that involve corrupt officers. But with this work comes a high risk of being caught and probably shot dead. As the show progresses, they realize that there’s more than the corrupt officers. Line Of Duty has won multiple accolades for its best writing, amazing performance, best editing, and more. The team of the series did a lot of research on this matter and it’s rumored that they received anonymous tips.

Line Of Duty

5. Fear The Walking Dead

We talked about ‘The Walking Dead’ before. Well, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is not much different from that. It’s just the difference between the storyline and the addition of new characters. Fear The Walking Dead is also available to watch on Philo. The series follows the story of a zombie apocalypse and the life of the resident of Los Angeles is turned upside down. In this disaster, there is also a dysfunctional family that needs to work together to survive.

You might even see similar faces from The Walking Dead like ‘Morgan Jones’. The first few seasons focus on the family and the way they survive. But then the focus is kind of shifted towards Morgan. Everyone tries to learn new skills and reinvent themselves to keep themselves and their loved ones alive.

Fear The Walking Dead

6. Law & Order

Law & Order is also a police procedural drama but quite different from Line Of Duty. The plots in the series are often based on real-life with a tint of their ideas. Law & Order is also based on two different approaches that include investigations of the crimes and apprehension of a suspect. The crimes displayed in the show are mostly murder. Law & Order has won and been nominated for multiple awards. It’s one of the best shows on Philo.

After the series succeeded there have been a few sequels, video games, movies, and adaptations. Few spectators are watching the show since the beginning. It was released in 1990. From the beginning, the series has fantastic characters and an intriguing storyline. And keeping that consistency is challenging.

Law and Order

7. Lucky Hank

Lucky Hank revolves around the life journey of William Henry ‘Hank’ Devereaux. After mentioning multiple thriller and mystery shows we need a pack of comedy too. Hank is an English department chairman at the underfunded Railton College in Pennsylvania. He is in a midlife crisis and faces a major meltdown.

There’s chaos in his personal and professional life. Lucky Hank is inspired by Richard Russo’s novel ‘Straight Man’ that’s based on his real-life experiences. The series was recently released and is making its way to the top. Lucky Hank is here to give you just that if you want laughter.

Lucky Hank

8. Happy Valley

Happy Valley isn’t as happy as you think. Sergeant Catherine Cawoo’s teenage daughter committed suicide in the series. After that, she is leading a team of strong-willed cops in West Yorkshire to solve cases in her area. The writing and character development are spectacular.

The storyline is great and will keep you involved. Happy Valley will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat till the last episodes. The lead characters have also been applauded for their stellar performance.

Happy Valley

9. Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a sitcom that follows the lives of a married couple that suddenly goes bankrupt with no luxurious fortune. But there’s only one thing that’s left of the ugly small town. The name of that town is Schitt’s Creek. It’s hilarious to see how their lives have taken a turn from being rich to relocating to a small town. Schitt’s Creek is a journey of laughter, lessons, and emotions.

The series is filled with great characters with great performances in a great storyline. It’s not only a show that you will watch but it will also teach you gratitude and that no matter what happens in your life, family is there. They will be with you every step of the way. The writing and punch lines will also get to you. What’s more engaging is seeing their life changed in a town they bought as a joke.

Schitt's Creek

10. The Closer

The Closer follows the story of an Atlanta police detective, Brenda Johnson. She moves to Los Angeles and handles a team of a squad that takes up the most deadly high-profile homicide cases. She faces challenges on the way. Being talented is another thing but there are things she needs to learn too. Brenda has her way of making the criminals confess. It’s also titled one of the ‘highest-rated dramas’.

The Closer deals with the good and bad sides of society. After every season there’s something new and engaging to watch. You will also be thrilled to know that until Primetime Emmy Awards in 2011 Kyra Sedgwick is the only actress that has been nominated for Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awards every year the show aired.

The Closer

11. Perry Mason

Perry Mason is a legal drama that is set in 1932. The show is based on short stories and novels by the famous Erle Stanley Gardner. It follows the story of the famous defense lawyer Perry Mason. Perry is struggling with his personal life and recovering from the Great Depression and divorce.

The series has been highly liked by the spectators for the performance of the cast specifically Rhys. Perry Mason’s top-notch performance with a gripping storyline is making the show more successful. The series takes a dive into Perry’s life and his struggles keeping it both simple and engaging.

Perry Mason

12. Scorpion

Scorpion follows the story of Walter O’Brien and his bright team of experts. He has an IQ of 197 and is recruited by Cabe Gallo. Walter and his team solve cases of major crises together with their skills. Along with fabulous intellect, there’s also romance revolving around the series. Scorpion is a show that’s best for all ages of people.

In the series, each character has weaknesses and it’s depicted how they overcome their weaknesses and failures. You will also love the bond between the characters on the team. If you have a tech-savvy taste then Scorpion is the one for you to watch right now. It also made headlines for being the ‘second-highest ranking new show’.


13. NCIS

NCIS revolves around Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his journey as a skilled investigator. He leads a team of the agents of Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Major Case Response Team. Together they solve some intense and mysterious cases of all time.

Every case is different from another making it stand out. The show is amazing and depicts the importance of teamwork. As you watch the series you will also realize that it has gone through multiple changes.


14. Scrubs

After all the cops and zombies drama we need a medical drama. Scrubs is one of the best shows on Philo. The story revolves around the personal and professional lives of employees at Sacred Heart Hospital. In this teaching hospital, there are a lot of mysterious and emotional cases that the employees have to solve.

If you don’t like slow-moving series then Scrubs won’t disappoint you. It’s noted to be a fast-paced series. Every character has something going on in their life but still goes all in to be the best healer.



We hope you liked the best shows on Philo mentioned above. These shows are distinct and spectacular in their way. There are more amazing series to watch on the streaming platform. We had the opportunity to choose a handful of them. But don’t worry, we will be back with more amazing show suggestions like this in the coming days. You can keep in touch with us for more details on it. Feel free to drop your favorite shows in the comment section below.

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