15 Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video

Let me guess. You’re planning to have a movie marathon on Amazon Prime Video. Either you have recently subscribed to the streaming platform or you’re looking for a movie to watch because you have already watched a whole bunch of them. Well, if you’re looking for the best movies on Amazon Prime Video then you’re at the right place.

The streaming platform has a lot of amazing content out there, from action to horror. Every movie has its own unique set of characters and sometimes an unbelievable storyline. There are so many movies that keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The curiosity, the hype, and the adrenaline rush during the climax scene are just incredible feelings. And we want you to keep feeling that way.

With extensive research and reviews from the spectators, we have come up with the best movies that you can watch on Amazon Prime right now. You just gotta click on the ‘play’ button.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

15 Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video To Watch Right Now

The movies mentioned below are highly recommended by Amazon Prime spectators. From the storyline to the characters, everything is beyond amazing and engaging. And what’s a better movie with a compelling story?

By watching these movies, you will have the best ‘binge-watching’ session. Here’s the rundown of the top 15 best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Let’s get the movie marathon started.

1. Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

We are pretty sure that you are going to love this movie. Tom Cruise is the lead character playing the infamous Maverick. The story of Top Gun: Maverick is set after thirty years. In the movie, Pete is absolutely where he belongs. Being at the top of his career and advancement in rank as a top naval aviator there’s something that will push him down.

He has to confront the challenges of his past once again. Maverick has to lead the Top Gun’s elite and iconic graduates on a journey. But this mission is going to be challenging because it requires ultimate sacrifice from those who have chosen to fly. This action-adventure movie surprised a lot of spectators.

The pilots are trying to be the best versions of themselves while on a near-to-impossible mission. The scenes in the movie are said to have top-tier cinematography. Top Gun: Maverick also takes deeper dive into the real ‘bromance’. If this movie sounds that something that will keep you engaged then what are you waiting for?

2. Good Will Hunting (1997)

There are a lot of reasons that Good Will Hunting is one of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video. The movie revolves around a lot of drama and romance. In the movie, Will Hunting is a really intelligent mathematician. He can solve all of the most challenging and complex mathematical puzzles. Now that sounds like something that only a genius can do.

Will on the other hand being so talented faces an emotional crisis in his life. His life takes a roller coaster ride that makes him take help from a psychiatrist. Dr. Sean Maguireto helps Will recover while teaching him a few influential lessons. There are a lot of aspects covered in the movie like relationships, insecurities, and most importantly development.

The main thing that will probably attract you and keep you engaged in the development of the character Will. From being a troublemaker to a transformative person this movie will help you look in life the other way. In the end, it teaches us ‘love’ is the ultimate answer to everything in life.

Good Will Hunting

3. Manchester By The Sea (2016)

This movie revolves around the lead character Lee Chandler. Lee is facing the moments of his brother’s death but there’s a certain responsibility waiting for him. After his brother passed away, Lee was chosen as the legal guardian of Patrick, his 16-year-old nephew.

Lee has to confront his past while having a journey with his nephew. One aspect that captivated viewers is the tragic event of Lee’s brother’s passing and how he had to cope with it while returning to his homeland.

Manchester By The Sea

4. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

If you love the combination of comedy and action then Kung Fu Hustle should be on your list. There are a lot of things going on in Kung Fu Hustle but the unique storyline and set of characters make it one of the best movies on Amazon Prime. The main character of the movie is a wannabe gangster who is terrorizing the whole neighborhood while faking being a member of the renowned gang member.

But little does he know what’s coming up for him. The next chapter of his life is filled with action when three martial arts experts who reside in the neighborhood strive to bring him down. The movie will lighten up your mood. We can say that Kung Fu Hustle is a ‘masterpiece’ that’s worth watching.

Kung Fu Hustle

5. Let The Right One In (2008)

We have talked about action, comedy, and adventure but there’s one genre we are missing out on. Yes, it’s now time for a horror movie. Let The Right One In revolves around two young one’s Oskar and moody Eli. Eli and Ozark share a strong bond and an initial spark of friendship.

Ozark is clueless that Eli has a mysterious side that he hasn’t seen yet. Eli is not any ordinary girl. She’s a vampire. If you love watching vampire movies/shows, this movie is for you. What happens to their bond? And will Ozark ever discover the truth? For the answers, you need to watch the movie. In conclusion, two lonely young people meet and change each other’s life.

6. The Pianist (2002)

The Pianist revolves around World War II. It shows the struggles of Polish musician Wladyslaw when he loses contact with his family in this tragic time. But his journey is worsen when he has to hide in the ruins of Warsaw to be alive.

If he wants to find his family he needs to survive. The storyline and characters of the movie are top-notch. There are a lot of war movies out there but this one focuses on survival and music.

The Pianist

7. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

You must have already heard about this movie. And now it’s the perfect time to watch it. Jordan Belfort’s life takes a tragic and unexpected turn after a Wall Street crash. If you’re into stocks and want to watch a movie about a stockbroker then this one is perfect. Jordan teams up with Donnie Azoff but not with the right intentions.

He cheats his way through the top but there are few sacrifices for it. DiCaprio’s role is largely liked by the spectators. The whole movie is a roller coaster ride that takes the lead character from a nobody to a really rich man. Leonardo De Caprio is amazing as Jordan Belfort.

8. Inside Man (2006)

Inside Man is one of the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime because of its storytelling. This crime thriller depicts a story of a detective that’s too desperate to negotiate with the mastermind of a bank robbery. But the whole movie takes a turn when it’s transformed into a hostage situation.

The movie begins with an interrogation scene and later enhances the excitement. There’s a lot of thrill and anticipation to uncover the truth. You will find the ending worth it. Inside Man will make you keep thinking about what will happen next and how the movie will take a different direction.

Inside Man

9. The Courier (2020)

What makes this spy thriller ‘The Courier’ more compelling is that it’s based on a true story. It tells the story of a British businessman that dragged down into the greatest international conflicts in history. He forms a partnership with a Soviet officer. The two of them work together on a mission to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Will they be able to achieve their goal? That’s a story to watch. This movie is executed brilliantly on a real-life story. Plus, the friendship between the two is well depicted. Spectators also liked the acting of the characters and the way they delivered true emotions. You will find this movie up to speed without over-drama. It’s enlightening and interesting from the beginning to the end.

10. You Were Never Really Here (2017)

This movie revolves around a mysterious story. A teenage girl goes missing and a deadly enforcer is on a mission now. A rescue mission. But on his journey of saving the girl, he uncovers the truth and meets the real side of society. There’s corruption and abuse of power. But he has made up his mind to do anything and even go beyond the limits to save the girl.

The backstory is also pretty detailed which will give you an idea of what’s going on. This movie could have been a typical action-filled but it instead enhanced the dark side of loss. The movie is pretty short and a gripping thriller.

11. Whiplash (2014)

If you like watching a movie that revolves around music then Whiplash might be the one for you. The movie features Andrew that’s aspiring to be a drummer and decides to enroll in a music conservatory to achieve. Andrew is mentored by a mysterious man, Terence Fletcher.

He has strange ways of training but his methods push Andrew out of his comfort zone. It’s mainly a look at the relationship between Andrew and his mentor and his achieving new limits. This movie is like a journey in the search of finding inner peace and creativity. The Whiplash is not just a ‘teacher and student relationship’ but gives real-life lessons.


12. Shutter Island (2010)

We watched Shutter Island, we loved it and we are still processing the ending of the movie. The best word to describe this movie is ‘mindblowing’. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead role of Teddy. He and his friend Chuck are US marshals that are sent to an asylum on a remote island to find the disappeared patient.

But Teddy discovers a shocking truth that changes his life forever. This mystery movie is one of the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime. The acting of the characters specifically DiCaprio and Mark is too good. Knowing there’s an asylum involved is already terrifying but a missing patient? Now that’s something we want to watch out.

13. Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser is amazing, period. The writing and themes of horror are unique. After watching the movie you will feel the efforts that the team has put. The story of Hellraiser revolves around a couple that relocates into an old house. But they have a reason behind that. They are looking for the guy’s brother and the girl’s ex-lover.

The man they are looking for is turned into a deadly beast. But everyone’s life takes a dangerous turn when the beast wants the girl to help him get human sacrifices so that he can become whole again. Hellraiser is a great classic horror flick.


14. The Northman (2022)

We would love to say one thing about The Northman. It’s worth watching! The story revolves around Prince Amleth and his journey to becoming a whole different man. His father is murdered by his uncle and that takes the Prince on a dangerous revenge voyage. He kidnaps the boy’s mother.

But not only that, two decades later the Prince raids the Slavic villages that make him encounter his past. He meets a seeress that reminds Amleth of the vows that he took.

The vows are: save his mother, kill his uncle, and avenge his father. The lead character makes the movie more engaging and makes it one of the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

15. No Time To Die (2021)

Looking for an action thriller that includes James Bond? No Time To Die would be the best choice. James Bond is in an amazing phase of his life enjoying himself in Jamaica after leaving active service. But that doesn’t last for long. James’ old CIA friend Felix reach out to him. There’s a reason for his visit.

Whenever there’s something wrong we need James Bond for help. Felix comes on a mission of rescuing a kidnapped scientist. But there’s a much bigger problem waiting for James. He is on a journey to find out the mysterious villain that has a dangerous new technology. The whole mission takes a massive turn and James Bond’s life is turned upside down.

It’s engaging to see him living a peaceful life and then a whole different life with action and adventure. No Time To Die is a kind of movie that will keep you engaged till the end. The storyline telling, character development, and action scenes are beyond spectacular.


There are more amazing movies on Amazon Prime Video. But we had the opportunity to choose fifteen of them. We will hopefully come up with more fantastic movies and show suggestions in the future. And for that, you can stay tuned with us. If you have any doubts regarding the narrative you can reach out to us through the comment section below. Have an amazing time!

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