The Accountant 2: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re wondering about the future of ‘The Accountant’ then there are a lot of updates and theories to look forward to. The Accountant is an amazing movie featuring the famous actors Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal. The movie revolves around Christian Wolff who’s an accountant. But not an honest one.

He works for illegal companies and uses illegal ways to manipulate their financial records. Wolff’s life takes a different turn when the FBI starts investigating his hidden secret. But being an accountant and working for various illegal companies Christian comes with a plan to ditch and manipulate the FBI too.

He takes up a legitimate client to bluff the FBI. The movie balances the goofiness of a genius guy. After watching the movie there are a lot of questions if there’s going to be The Accountant 2 and if Wolff is going to have more chapters and thrill to encounter.


Is There Going To Be ‘The Accountant 2’?

Now that’s the answer we all have been waiting for since 2016. After the release of the movie, there have been rumors regarding The Accountant 2. The director of the movie Gavin O’Connor shed some light on the sequel in 2021. Gavin was discussing some other show titled ‘The Way Back’ that features Ben Affleck. But then the tables turned and he addressed a confirmation of The Accountant 2.

He said, “There will not be a ‘Way Back’ sequel, but we are doing an ‘Accountant’ sequel. We just closed that deal. We’re doing ‘The Accountant’ again.“

After that in February 2022 producer Mark Williams also gave an update on the sequel. The producer confirmed that the work of the sequel is still in the process. And they are still working on a script.

He confirmed, “The news I can give you right now is that it’s a work in progress,” he explained. “We’re working on a script right now, and we all have high hopes that it’s going to move forward as we planned.”

The Accountant

What Will Happen In ‘The Accountant’ 2?

The storyline of the first movie was fantastic. The second movie will most likely see more of Wolff’s brother. In another discussion, the director also hinted that there’s probably a plan for a third movie too.

He said, “I’ve always wanted to do three because what, the second one’s going to be more with — we’re going to integrate his brother into the story. So there’ll be more screen time for Bernthal in the second one.

And then the third movie’s going to be, I call it, ‘Rain Man’ on steroids. The third movie is going to be about the two brothers, this odd couple. The third one is going to be a buddy picture.”

He also talked about more ideas that might take place.

The director said, “In the second one if we’re ever fortunate to do it, I keep having this idea of a ‘Catcher in the Rye’ kind of thing. He’s surrounded by children, dealing with slavery and these kids that are sex slaves and things like that. If there’s a way to deal with that subject matter and him saving children, that’s something I’d be interested in doing.“

The Accountant 2 Release

We can confirm that Gavin O’Connor will be back as the director for the second movie. And everyone’s favorite Ben Affleck will reprise his role as the lead character Christian Wolff. Jon Bernthal will also reprise his role as Braxton and will have a much bigger role in the upcoming movie.

Ben Affleck Is Excited To Return To ‘The Accountant’ 2

In a discussion with an outlet Ben talked about the potential sequel and expressed his interest.

Affleck said, “Yeah, I hope so. I would love to. We’ve talked about kicking some ideas around, this last movie we just did (Torrance). We talked to the studio and they seemed interested, and they kind of brought it up so, we’re looking to do that.

I think it would be fun. I love Gavin, I love the movie I just did with him. I had a great experience and I love the character in The Accountant. I’d certainly be open to it.”


More updates regarding the upcoming movie are still kept under wraps. And what’s fun if everything’s revealed already? Spectators are already really excited to see more stories of the brothers.

We will keep you posted if there are any more changes or developments. In the meantime, you’re welcome to let us know what you think should happen in the second movie. The comment section is open for discussion.

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