10 Best Action Movies On Philo To Watch in 2023

It’s time for some action. Action movies are too exciting to watch. In that case, we have come up with the rundown of the best action movies on Philo. Philo is offering a lot of great content to its audience. The streaming platform added a bunch of action movies that are worth watching. These movies have amazing storylines with famous actors.

But in terms of being the best they stand out from one another. The rundown is mixed with new and a little older action-packed movies on Philo. The best thing is that even the spectators have given favorable reviews.

We all agree that nothing can beat the adrenaline rush of an action-packed movie. These movies are packed with explosions, fight scenes, chase scenes, intense shootings, and more. Looks like you are in for a great time.

Best Action Movies To Watch On Philo

Top 10 Best Action Movies On Philo in 2023

We know it’s challenging to find a good movie to watch. A movie that’s worth your time and you enjoy it. Well, we had the opportunity to choose a handful of it for you. The 10 best action movies on Philo listed below will not fail to give you the best binge-watching time.

1. Creed (2015)

Creed is at the top of our list of best movies on Philo. This movie is quite popular amongst the audience that like action movies. If you like boxing then you will love watching Creed. The story revolves around Adonis Johnson. Adonis is the son of the famous heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

He embraces his father’s legacy as a boxer and takes guidance from Rocky Balboa. But there is always a twist. Rocky Balboa is Adonis’s father’s old friend but also a rival. Even if you are not a fan of boxing in general you will still be captivated by the story. The movie is highly recommended by the spectators. It inspires everyone in the smartest ways possible.


Creed is not just about fighting but also about what are you fighting for. It shows the passion of the lead characters. You will find this movie exhilarating, exciting, emotional, entertaining, and engaging everything at once. The performance of the actors in the movie feels genuine and will probably give you goosebumps. The great acting from the characters is making Creed come to life.

2. Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)

Kingdom Of Heaven revolves around Balian and his journey as a warrior. Blacksmith Balian travels to Jerusalem in the twelfth century. Jerusalem is a city furious with religious wars. The movie is all about Balian transforming into the defending warrior of the city. His goal is to save the city and its people.

Along with the storyline, you will also love the casting of the movie. Both the writing and scenery have also been appreciated by the spectators making it one of the best movies on Philo. Kingdom Of Heaven offers impressive scenes with an emotional narrative. Every character in the movie beautifully performed real emotions.

Kingdom Of Heaven

This epic historical movie grossed around $218 million worldwide. According to multiple spectators, Heaven Of Kingdom has deeper messages and impressive storytelling. The movie has also been nominated for multiple accolades and even won a few.

3. Den Of Thieves (2018)

Den Of Thieves is one of the best action movies on Philo because of the thrilling storyline. In the movie, a team of elite deputies is on a mission to stop a mastermind crew of thieves from executing their plan of robbing the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s a chase of cops and thieves. There’s a lot of action and drama in the movie.

The story and plot will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you like action movies then you need to watch this. There are even amazing shootout sequences delivered by the incredible cast. Den Of Thieves has two spotlight characters Big Nick O’Brien and Ray Merrimen. It also features intense tension between robbers and cops making it more engaging to watch.

Den Of Thieves

The screenplay is also amazing and the actor’s performance is widely praised. The movies grossed around $80 million worldwide. And you will be happy to know that there is a sequel in development. That means more action is on the way.

4. The Last Frontier (2020)

The Last Frontier tells the story of the bravery of Podolsk cadets at the Battle of Moscow. The movie is set in October 1941. In the movie, two friends compete for a girl until they hear about the movement and breakthrough of the German tank heading to Moscow. They must stop the Germans which then leads to a fierce battle.

The Last Frontier also won three awards at the 2021 Prague Independent Film Festival. If you like to watch intense war scenes then The Last Frontier should be on your list of best movies on Philo. The movie feels quite realistic and straightforward in the story. A lot of spectators also said that it’s one of the best Russian war movies of all time.

The Last Frontier

Even the performance of the actors has been applauded. The soundtrack balances the dialogues in the movies and makes them more interesting. The team also gave high attention to little details. This movie shows suffering, panic, chaos, disaster, and dying heroes.

5. The Villainess (2017)

We need a woman in action and Philo has The Villainess streaming on its platform. The movie revolves around the vengeance of Sook-hee. She is turned into an elite assassin looking for revenge to finally be free from her past. You will get to see a lot of action scenes in this movie.

The Villainess is beyond amazing and it also received a four-minute standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival. If you want to feel the authentic thrill then watching the fighting scenes will give you that. It’s an action-packed thriller with a meaningful revenge story. It’s a must-watch action movie because of the top-notch performance of the characters. The lead character is a show-stealer.

The Villainess

6. Falcon Rising (2014)

Falcon Rising is also a kind of revenge movie. In the movie, a former marine goes on a hunt to find the dangerous mobster. The mobster beat his sister to death. There are a lot of fighting and action scenes throughout the movie.

Falcon Rising is worth your time if you like watching old-school action movies. John Falcon Chapman will destroy himself until gives someone else to destroy. The impressive performance of the lead character makes the whole story refreshing.

Falcon Rising

7. The Family (2013)

If you want both comedy and action in a movie then ‘The Family’ will serve you right. The movie revolves around a mafia boss Giovanni and his family on a journey. Giovanni snitches on his boss and is sent to Normandy with his family. They are part of a witness protection program but they struggle to give up their old lives and start fresh.

You will find the characters a little bit crazy in a good and funny way. From the mafia world to a drastic change is challenging for the family. According to the spectators, there’s a lot to like about The Family. The movie grossed around $78.4 million worldwide.

The Family is a kind of movie that keeps on shifting from comedy to sentiment to violence. It’s inspired by the novel Malavita. And it’s also said that they tried to adapt a lot of things from the book only.

The Family

8. Wake Of Death (2004)

Wake Of Death is a perfect and best action movie on Philo. The movie follows the story of Ben Archer and his journey to abandon the organized crime world. He then relocated to America with his wife and son. Ben’s wife Cynthia brings home a Chinese girl who is the daughter of the deadly Triad kingpin Sun Quan.

Sun Quan murders Ben’s wife and takes the Chinese girl and his son. Ben is on a vengeance journey to take revenge for his wife’s murder and save the kids. He wages war against the Chinese triads.

Wake Of Death

9. Dutch Kills (2015)

Dutch Kills follows the story of two men that decides to embark on a journey and complete their last job together. But it’s not as easy as they think. This last job turns into a nightmare filled with action and blood.

The desperate ex-con gathers his team to take revenge for his sisters suffering from a deadly local gangster.

Dutch Kills

10. RoboCop (2014)

We all know that robots and cops when fighting are dangerous. But have you ever heard about a combination of them? RoboCop is a movie that revolves around a cop turned into a robot. This movie is a remake of the 1987 movie of the same name. RoboCop is set in the future in 2028 and follows a detective that’s brutally injured and turned into a cyborg police officer.

There’s no white and black but a grey area. He’s between the line of robots and humans.  Spectators praised the performance of the cast members, the storyline, the action scenes, and more. A lot of spectators have also been comparing the movie to the original one.

You will find this movie enjoyable and it takes a different approach than the original one. The action and plot of the movie are also pretty straightforward and interesting.



Well, it’s sad to say but we are finally at the end. We hope you liked the best action movies on Philo. You can drop more recommendations of movies to watch on Philo in the comments section below. We will come back with more content like this in the future. The movies mentioned above are highly popular on the streaming platform Philo making them worth watching. For more updates, stay tuned!

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