10 Best Comedy Movies On Philo in 2023

Not ready to head out to the theatres yet? Then watch these movies from the comfort of your couch. We have compiled a list of the best comedy movies on Philo. These movies will make you laugh out loud. The characters, stories, and dialogues are just on point. We have heard about laughter being the best medicine and these movies will work as that.

Everyone faces struggles in life be it regarding work, study, or anything else. We need a little joy in life. And it looks like the best time to take out a ‘me time.’ You can have a comedy movie marathon too.

This movie promises to take you into their world of happiness. They also have certain lessons that even when things get tough you gotta get up and live your best life.

Best Comedy Movie On Philo

10 Best Comedy Movies On Philo To Watch Right Now

Get ready to laugh! We don’t have a few but a total of 10 best comedy movies on Philo that you could watch right now. All you need is a subscription as a green light. Once you take the subscription of Philo you could use it on different devices at one time. Sounds like a fun deal to us.

1. My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Let’s start with the classic movie ‘My Cousin Vinny’. The movie revolves around Vinny an inexperienced lawyer out in the court taking on a really important case. Vinny takes up the case of his cousin Billy and his friend Stan after they are accused of murdering the owner of a convenience store.

But this is Vinny’s first trial ever and we know it’s going to be a disaster for everyone. This hilariously iconic movie is amazing in several ways. The performance of the actors in the movie is a show-stealer. My Cousin Vinny has a great balance of comedy and plot. Throughout the movie, you will get to hear the most hilarious dialogue of your life. You will also be captivated by Vinny’s hilarious behavior.

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

It’s a perfect blend of comedy and courtroom drama. Who could have imagined that trials could be so entertaining? Along with the perfect sense of humor, there are also a lot of touching moments that you won’t forget. The movie’s humor is mainly focused on the clash between the Italian-American New Yorkers and the more reserved Southern townspeople.

What makes it more engaging is that the Attorneys in real life have praised the movie for being a perfect depiction of trial strategy and criminal proceedings. And we could give credit to director Jonathan Lynn for having a law degree from Cambridge University. The movie is defined to be both entertaining and informative.

2. Central Intelligence (2016)

If we have Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in a comedy movie we could already assume it’s going to be too hilarious to not watch. Central Intelligence follows the epic story of Calvin Joyner and Bob Stone. Accountant Calvin’s life takes a drastic turn when his old classmate from school Bob drags him into a covert operation.

The Rock-Hart duo has received great feedback from the spectators. They have great chemistry in the movie plus their performance is just a bonus. The two are trying to save the world from a terrorist that is planning to sell satellite codes. Saving the world takes a big Johnson and a little Hart.

The movie grossed around $217 million worldwide worldwide. Central Intelligence has also been nominated for multiple accolades. You will also be thrilled to know that there is a talk about a sequel. We might see the duo back soon. But that talk is for another time.

Central Intelligence (2016)

3. Bruce Almighty (2003)

If you love watching comedy with a little bit tint of fantasy then Bruce Almighty can be your ideal choice. It’s one of the best movies on Philo to keep you engaged. The movie revolves around a furious TV reporter Bruce Nolan that’s been doing everything wrong in life. Well, he wants explanations from God itself about all the challenges.

The Almighty responds to him and allows him to run the world for a week. He can do anything with his power but little does he know how difficult it’s going to be. In the beginning, everything seems to be great but the real challenges come later on. It’s a realization that everything happens for a good reason. The movie is fantastic and has a great deep message for the spectators. It’s a type of movie that you could watch and laugh at.

If there’s great power it comes with greater responsibilities. Bruce Almighty grossed around $86.4 million worldwide. And making it the top Memorial Day opening weekend of any movie in history.

Bruce Almighty (2003)

The movie has also been nominated for multiple accolades and it won a few awards in the categories like Top Box Office Films, Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture ‘I’m With You’, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, Favorite Movie Actor, Favorite Comedy Motion Picture and more. There’s also a sequel to the movie titled Evan Almighty. Steve Carell reprised his role as Evan Baxter and Morgan Freeman as the role of God.

4. Coins For Christmas (2018)

What’s better than a Christmas movie to have a great time laughing? Coins for Christmas revolves around a single mother who desperately needs a job. She takes the opportunity to work for a retired football player. But it’s not easy for both of them. They are in a feud with each other at the beginning but things start to settle down later.

They finally become friends and teach one another how to become better. On this journey, they learn a lot about themselves and each other. It’s enlightening to watch this movie. There’s also a sequel to this movie that’s also hilarious to watch.

Coins For Christmas (2018)

5. A Picture Of Her (2023)

We have a new movie for you. A Picture Of Her tells the story of Beth who becomes a priority subject of an award-winning magazine cover. But this all happened because of a picture. She goes on a journey to find the photographer that snapped/took the pictures of her.

The movie is really beautiful and worth watching. It’s both hilarious and romantic. Everyone appreciated the performance of Tyler Hynes in the movie.

A Picture Of Her (2023)

6. Zoolander (2001)

Zoolander follows the hilarious story of Derek, a model. Derek loses all of his hope in his career when he loses a coveted title. Now he needs to get his career back and become successful. Just in time, a designer offers Derek an opportunity to be successful in his field on one condition. He has to kill the prime minister of Malaysia.

And Derek is on a journey to kill the prime minister because he is on the verge of doing anything to revive his career. You will love the movie. It’s filled with colors, humor, and beautiful costumes, everything is just eye-catching. The humor of Zoolander is over-the-top and you will surely have an amazing time watching it. Zoolander is brainwashed in the movie to kill the prime minister.

Zoolander (2001)

And having multiple personal and professional issues with a downhill of popularity Zoolander is all in. But things take a turn when Zoolander learns the truth and starts using his brain. The movie grossed $60.8 million worldwide.

7. The Birdcage (1996)

The Birdcage tells the story of Armand and Albert. They both have a perfect life with everything in place until a decision comes between them. Well, Armand’s son decides to marry Senator Keele’s daughter and their perfect life becomes not-so-perfect. The movie is hilarious, terrific, and even heart-touching.

The cast of the movie has also been applauded by the spectators. It has also been nominated for multiple accolades. The Birdcage won the following awards: two American Comedy Awards, two Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, International Monitor Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. It was a successful movie also making it a financial success for Mike Nichols.

The Birdcage (1996)

8. Friends With Benefits (2011)

You must have understood the narrative of the movie from the title itself. Friends With Benefits tells the story of Jamie and Dylan. They become really good friends when Jamie gets Dylan to take a job in GQ. After being friends and being involved in an intense moment their life takes a turn. They have finally added hookup to their friendship.

The two decide to continue this but just as friends with no ‘I love you’. But one of them will probably fall for the other. Because it’s not ‘just hookup’ in a relationship. They develop feelings for each other but keep denying them every time they are with each other. Jamie and Dylan have an amazing chemistry in the movie making it a perfect romantic-comedy to watch.

Friends With Benefits

It’s a great story that will make you laugh out loud quite a lot of times. If you are a hopeless romantic then you will love this one. Friends With Benefits was a commercial success and grossed around  $149.5 million worldwide. The movie has also been nominated for multiple awards that include two People’s Choice Awards and two Teen Choice Awards.

9. Daddy’s Home (2015)

Daddy’s Home revolves around Brad Taggart that tries his best to be a better father to his stepchildren. But his dream is short-lived when their biological parent, Dusty Mayron suddenly comes back. The problems for Brad increase when he has tougher competition.

Daddy’s Home also has a sequel that you could catch up on after watching this one. The movie grossed around $242.8 million worldwide making it Ferrell’s highest-grossing live-action film. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s chemistry has been applauded by the spectators?

Daddy's Home (2015)

10. Bad Teacher (2011)

Imagine having a bad teacher at your high school that doesn’t care about teaching you. Sounds great for students, right? But this bad teacher is somewhat different. Bad Teacher revolves around a high school substitute teacher that wants to have breast implants to impress a really rich guy. But she is broke and couldn’t afford it.

Well, when she hears that there’s going to be a bonus when her students get the highest marks she jumps right into it. The movie is extremely hilarious to watch and also gives us lessons. There’s also a dispute between two teachers fighting for the same guy. People are hitting on the lead character and it’s just how she only cares about money.

This movie is perfect for a good laugh with dark humor. The storyline makes it light-hearted to watch. Plus it’s available to binge-watch on the streaming platform Philo.

Bad Teacher


There are more best comedy movies on Philo to watch. But these are the ones that everyone likes the most. You are welcome to drop your rundown of recommendations in the comment section below. We will come up with more content like this. We hope you have a great laugh. Happy Watching!

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