How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Snapchat is a captivating social media platform renowned worldwide for its innovative features. It revolutionized the concept of snaps and stories, where content vanishes after 24 hours. Moreover, it prioritizes user security, ensuring a protective environment for its users. Snapchat as a messaging app is quite secretive to the extent that it even notifies when one takes a screenshot from the chat. This might be correct at one end to protect privacy at most but can be annoying on the other end too. What if you had a great chat with someone and you want to show it to your best friend? So how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing? Is there any secret way to do that? Are all methods equally effective?

One of the major doubts among Snapchat users is that when they Screenshot something from the chat be it the chat or any picture or video, not only it notifies the other person but also it stays in the chat. This means that even if there is the slightest chance of the person missing the notification, he/she will automatically see it on chat.

Annoying isn’t it? Although there are multiple ways of taking a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing, always remember that none of them are 100% effective. So let us have a look at all the methods wherein you can screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Snapchat has made significant improvements to prevent users from taking screenshots of stories without detection. Despite the various tactics like using screen recorders or enabling flight mode, Snapchat has largely resolved these issues. However, there are still some ways to discreetly capture screenshots without knowing them.

1. Using another device

One potential method of saving or sharing Snapchat content is by using a separate phone to capture a photo of the message or image displayed on another phone. It’s important to note that this approach is not officially supported by the Snapchat app. It’s worth mentioning that the photo captured using this method may have better quality compared to a screenshot taken within the Snapchat app. So how do you do it?

  • Open the camera of any other device except for the device in which you are using Snapchat.
  • Open the chat on Snapchat wherein you want to take a screenshot of it.
  • If it’s a photo click a picture and if it is a video take a video.
  • Click the picture from the other device and send it to yourself.

2. Use Google Assisstant

Google Assistant offers a convenient way to take screenshots without relying on third-party apps. By using the voice command or long-pressing the home button, you can activate Google Assistant and take a screenshot. However, it’s important to note that Google Assistant doesn’t automatically save the screenshot. It prompts you to share it immediately. To preserve the screenshot, you can choose to share it with someone or save it to your Google Drive. So let us also know how can google assistant solve our problem of taking a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

1. Access the specific snap that you wish to capture with a screenshot.

2. To activate Google Assistant, you can either say “OK, Google” or double-press the home button.

3. When you want to take a screenshot, simply use phrases like “grab a snapshot,” “capture a screenshot,” or “take a screenshot.”

4. After taking the screenshot, choose the desired platform to save it from the displayed options.

3. Use Private Screenshots (Android)

Private Screenshots is an Android app designed specifically for discreetly capturing screenshots on your phone. It offers a secure and private way to take snapshots without alerting others. This application is not compatible with protected apps like the browser’s incognito mode or streaming platforms such as Netflix.

However, it functions seamlessly on Snapchat, allowing you to capture screenshots without the user being notified or alerted. With Private Screenshots, you can confidently and privately take screenshots of Snapchat content without compromising your anonymity.

4. Screenshot on Snapchat (iPhone)

Once upon a time, iPhone users discovered a clever trick to secretly record Snaps on their screens using the built-in recorder. However, in May 2022, this option was no longer available as Snapchat implemented a feature that notified the other user when a screenshot or screen recording was taken.

Even third-party apps available on the App Store couldn’t be relied upon as they were ineffective in capturing screenshots of Snaps. This was due to Snapchat regularly fixing these bugs and loopholes. Consequently, iPhone owners were left with only two choices: either switch to a different brand of smartphone or utilize an alternate device to capture a picture of the Snap.

5. In-built Recorder

If you have an Android device running on Android 10 or a higher version, you can utilize the built-in screen recorder to discreetly capture screenshots of Snapchat snaps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Access the control panel by opening the notification bar twice.
  2. Look for the screen recording option and tap on it.
  3. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to initiate the recording. Tap on the record button.
  4. The countdown for recording will begin. Before starting the recording, open the snap you wish to screenshot.
  5. The screen recorder will capture everything on your screen, including the snap. Once you have viewed the snap, end the recording.
  6. The recorded video will be saved in your device’s gallery.

It’s important to note that you should start the recording before opening the snap to avoid triggering any notifications to the sender. There have been times when the notification was sent to the other person so always be careful with that.


1. Are there any third-party apps or methods that can bypass Snapchat’s screenshot notification?

Snapchat actively works to fix loopholes and bugs that allow users to bypass screenshot notifications. While some third-party apps claim to provide such functionality, they are often ineffective or may compromise the security of your account. It is recommended to use Snapchat as intended to maintain the privacy of both yourself and others.

2. What are the consequences of attempting to secretly screenshot on Snapchat?

Snapchat takes privacy seriously and has measures in place to detect and notify users about unauthorized screenshots or screen recordings. If detected, Snapchat may take actions such as temporarily or permanently suspending your account. It is advisable to use Snapchat responsibly and respectfully.

3. Is it against Snapchat’s terms of service to screenshot snaps without permission?

Yes, according to Snapchat’s terms of service, users are expected to respect the privacy of others and not capture or distribute snaps without the sender’s permission. Violating these terms can lead to consequences such as temporary or permanent account suspension. It is always advisable to use Snapchat features within their intended guidelines.


There are no reliable methods available to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing. Previous workarounds, such as turning on Airplane Mode or using third-party apps, are no longer effective due to Snapchat’s updates and detection measures. Snapchat actively notifies the sender when a screenshot is taken or a screen recording is initiated. It is important to respect the privacy and intended ephemeral nature of Snaps and refrain from attempting to capture them without the knowledge of the sender.

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